AIR Inside Technology Wheels

A dynamic driving experience that isn't heavy on the road - thanks to our Air Inside Technology, our light alloy wheels come very close to delivering exactly that. The hollow-chamber construction of the wheels, which is inspired directly by nature, markedly reduces the volume of the rotating masses while markedly increasing the wheels' stability and load-bearing capacity. Air Inside Technology involves introducing hollow chambers into our light alloy wheels in different places depending on the wheel type, e.g. in the centre or in the inner or outer shoulder. This significantly reduces the weight - even by several kilogrammes per wheel in some cases. At the same time, resistance to deformation of the flange increases by up to 60%

Monobloc Wheels

BBS monobloc light alloy wheels combine the lightweight construction of the special BBS alloys with the highest level of stability. To guarantee this, all monobloc wheel types are cast in one piece and are subject to rigorous checks at the end of each production stage to ensure stability. Monobloc wheels also offer a further advantage: their sports characteristics which are the result of unique alloys coupled with the lightweight construction.      

Forged Wheels

A forged wheel is made by forming its shape when it is warm and solid. To get maximum material density and weight reductions out of our highly rigid and durable aluminium alloys without forgoing top performance, they undergo an elaborate forging process. The heated centre of the rim or the entire rim well is compressed during several stages in a forging press under 5,000 to 8,000 tons of pressure to densify the material into its special form. Between the individual stages, the rim is repeatedly heated up to around 400 degrees Celsius. The result is a much stronger and lighter wheel that is able to handle very high levels of mechanical strain on the road.